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What’s BikePooling? It’s like car pooling, but on bikes! People who need to ride from one neighborhood to another on a daily basis, meet up at a specified location and ride into work together. It’s a great way to learn how to commute by bike, beat the traffic jams, park for free, and build community. Individuals can start BikePools by posting on our messageboard, making a simple flyer, or just telling others. It only takes two to start a BikePool, and once started, it’s sure to grow!

We have partnered with CommuteInfo program to help neighborhoods get BikePools together. By signing up to their commuter profile, it makes it easier for local bicyclists to link up with each other to form BikePools. Click here to be redirected to their site to sign up and get your personalized match list.

If you want to start a BikePool in your neighborhood, we’d be happy to list the time and meeting place, just send an email to