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City Cycling Classes

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These are the classes you’ve been waiting for! Whether you’re a first-time rider, or a veteran cyclist, BikePGH has a City Cycling class for you. See our offerings below and we’ll see you soon:

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This class is taught at The Wheel Mill’s indoor practice facility on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Veteran bike educators Karen Brooks and Harry Geyer are the instructors.

The Wheel Mill’s indoor venue, and the class’s small-group, drop-in style allow participants to learn  and practice city cycling skills in a controlled, protected environment.  The Fundamentals class’ curriculum is built according to your needs. If you’re a novice time rider, the Fundamentals classes will help you practice balance. If you’re a life-long rider, the Fundamentals classes can help you dial in on improving a particular movement or skill. The personalized approach allows you to keep coming back to work on what you need to get pedaling.

Riders will have time before and after the class to practice new skills in The Wheel Mill’s Warm Up Room and Fundamental Skills Room (and if you’re feeling feeling ready, you can try to rest of the park too).

First time riders should check out the Learn-to-Ride options available through BikePGH listed below.

Fundamentals of City Cycling classes are designed for riders 15 and up. Riders 17 & under must have their parent present to sign the waiver or download one HERE and have it NOTARIZED.


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Confident City Cycling is intended for riders who know how to ride a bike, and are looking for instruction on how to operate it safely on city streets.  These mobile classes meet monthly from April to October in different neighborhoods around the city. They’re structured to give participants education and experience navigating different traffic patterns, intersection layouts and types of bike infrastructure.

We begin the class off of our bikes. Exciting right? Here we set expectations for the class and highlight the specific skills we’d like to take away. Next, we learn how to properly fit their helmet and perform basic bike maintenance. Following this, we move to a traffic-free parking lot to practice of new skills, like: body bike separation, brake modulation, weight distribution, and quick hazard avoidance. When we’re ready, we break up into smaller groups to go out on a group ride. During the ride we practice strategies for crossing big intersections, riding on fast roads, and reading traffic patterns and road conditions. We have some fun exploring, too. Finally, we come back as a group for an open Q & A and practice with one of the Port Authority’s practice bus racks.

Confident City Cycling is a class intended for participants ages 15 and up. All participants or their guardians will need to sign this waiver in order to participate in the class. 

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Private Instruction 

14513424653_fa66ab444c_zIf you’re an absolute beginner, or you want 1 on 1 instruction, 2015 is the first year that BikePGH is offering options Private lessons. Scheduling a individual lessons with one of BikePGH’s certified instructors is a good way for you to begin biking or receive 1 on 1 instruction. Just shoot us an email with a time that works for you. Individual lessons are $40/hr for BikePGH members, or $50/hr for non-members. Learn to Ride lessons are BYOB (bring your own bike, that is), but the lessons can meet at Golden Triangle Bike Rental or any bike shop where you can rent a bike.

Participants also have the option for private INDOOR lessons at The Wheel Mill. Prices are $50/hr. Email Mike to get started:

City Cycling Workshops

City Cycling Workshops are classroom-based discussions that answer the questions that come up when biking in the city. They give opportunities for people to learn from the experience of their peers and facilitators. City Cycling Workshops are informal and geared towards people of all ages and skill levels. Come with a few questions, leave with answers and new friends.

City Cycling Workshops cover all subjects and come in all shapes and sizes. We bring them to businesses, schools, community centers or churches. If you’re interested in hosting a City Cycling workshop, please send us an email.

If there are any questions about our classes or programs, contact Dan Yablonsky, BikePGH’s Business and Education Program Coordinator.

City Cycling classes are sponsored by Edgar Snyder & Associates, The Wheel Mill and the J. Samuel and Rose Cox Foundation

To find out more about BikePGH’s other education initiatives and materials check out our Bike Education page.