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City Cycling Classes

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New in 2014! Our City Cycling classes are presented by Edgar Snyder & Associates, a law firm committed to safe cycling,  supported by The Wheel Mill and ALCO Parking.


City Cycling classes will give first time riders, and veteran bikers alike, the chance to practice and learn first-hand the skills necessary for safe biking on city streets.  We have two different courses for the different skill and comfort levels that beginning city riders may find themselves at: Fundamentals of City Cycling and Confident City Cycling.  Take one. Take both. Repeat as many times as you need to feel comfortable.

Fundamentals of City Cycling

This class is taught at The Wheel Mill’s indoor practice facility on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. Veteran bike educators Karen Brooks and Harry Geyer are the instructors.

LAB bike ed classThe Wheel Mill’s indoor venue, and the class’s small-group, drop-in style allow participants to learn  and practice city cycling skills in a controlled, protected environment.  Participants will learn some on-bike skills from the League of American Bicyclists’ Traffic Skills 101 curriculum. Each class’s subject will differ depending on attendance, participant-demand and instructor judgement; but if you come with a particular question, you’ll leave with an answer. Classes will deal with subjects such as:

  • Proper body, hand, and foot position, and riding while standing up
  • Skills for starting & stoping in traffic
  • Using proper hand-signals to convey your movement
  • Techniques for handling common obstacles such as railroad tracks, potholes and curbs
  • How to perform a pre-ride safety check and select the right gearing
  • How to adjust your bike for better comfort and control

Riders will have time before and after the class to practice new skills in The Wheel Mill’s Warm Up Room and Fundamental Skills Room.

Fundamentals of City Cycling is designed for riders of all agesRiders 17 & under must have their parent present to sign the waiver or download one HERE and have it NOTARIZED.


Confident City Cycling

Confident City Cycling is intended for riders who know how to ride a bike, and are looking for instruction on how to operate it safely on city streets.  These mobile classes will meet at different venues around the city, and are structured to give participants the education and experience for handling different traffic patterns, intersection layouts and types of bike IMG_0006_2infrastructure.

The class is taught monthly by Dan Yablonsky, a BikePGH staff member and Certified League Cycling Instructor, as well as Karen Brooks, an IMBA certified instructor.  The class will teach skills from the League of American Bicyclists Traffic Skills 101 & 201 handbooks. Confident City Cycling will give first-time city riders a chance to acquire on-road skills and experience under a knowledgable, watchful eye, and allow experienced bikers to check that they are riding with city cycling’s best practices. The Confident City Cycling class will cover:

  • Advanced hazard avoidance maneuvers such as: Quick Stop, Rock Dodge, Instant turn
  • Safely crossing intersections
  • Recap on control drills: starting/stopping/scanning/shifting
  • Bike infrastructure: what is it, where is it, how to use it
  • Group riding basics
  • Managing topography: climbs & descents

Riders will begin the class in a traffic-free parking lot for practice of new skills. They will then follow an instructor’s lead for an educational ride on city streets. Finally, each student will be asked to safely demonstrate various types of intersection crossings.

Confident City Cycling is a class intended for participants ages 15 and up. All participants or their guardians will need to sign this waiver in order to participate in the class. 

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