1989 Raleigh Technium needs a new home

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Apr 6 2014 at 1:16pm #

My 1989 Raleigh Technium road bike has been sitting idle in my garage for a couple of years now and needs a new home where it will see daylight and pavement. It is my first bike shop bike, so I’m hoping to find someone to take it and tell me that they are going to ride it off into the sunset rather than just taking it to FreeRide and have it get parted out or used for an art project.

The frame has several 10k miles on it. It’a 54cm, aluminum frame, steel fork, down tube shifters, 700×25 wheels. It has new back wheel, tire, and 6 speed freewheel from Kraynicks with maybe 20 miles on it and which point I found a cyclocross bike in my price range and switched to that for commuting. The bottom bracket has a small wobble. It is still rideable as it is, but I think that is going to need to be addressed in the not too distant future. I scavenged the pedals off it, so you will need your own set of those, but otherwise the bike is complete and ready to go.

The bike in these pictures is not my bike, but minus the pink it is the same frame and such.

The bike is free if you are planning to ride it. I’m a couple of blocks from the T in Mt Lebanon.

PM me if interested.

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