Can't get into message board any more with new design

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Mar 29 2013 at 1:04pm #

For the past day or two (perhaps longer) I have been unable to use many features of the BP website, including the message board.

The selector buttons for “Get Involved” “Projects” “Events” “Resources” and other that used to be arranged horizontally along the top of the page now appear in a vertical column under “Your account”.

When I rollover the selector button, I can see the options, but I can’t access them. When I roll over “Resources” for example, I see the “Message Board” option. I also see the “Blog” option below it. Anything that appears between “Message Board” and “Blog” is obscured by the “New Topic” bar when I am logged in.

Anyway, when I press “Resources” and see the “Message Board” option, I try to roll onto the “Message Board” to click, but it disappears, and my only option on rolling down is to select the “Buy Stuff” button.

I can’t get to any of the sub-options under the major headings, and clicking on the major headings does next to nothing.

I finally got in to post this by searching for a thread that I remembered was current “fish fry” and then selecting “search in forums” then selecting “forums home” from the bottom of that page.

Frustrating. How am I to keep current?

Nathan, what’d you fix that made my computer broken? Or is this something that happened on my end?


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Mar 29 2013 at 1:47pm #

You may want to mention which browser and version you’re using.

Does changing the browser’s zoom level help? Ctrl + or Ctrl -, or use the browser’s menu commands for zooming. Ctrl 0 (zero) resets. This web site changes its design as you zoom in or out.


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Mar 29 2013 at 4:16pm #

Type of machine, which operating system, browser, version. All relevant to diagnosing the problem at hand.

Thanks, Steven, on the control-0 (zero) button tip. I knew about control+ and control- but didn’t know about reset to default.


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Mar 29 2013 at 4:57pm #

I am currently a technological idiot, and don’t know browser version, machine, etc.

What i do know…

IE, on a PC.

Also having new issues(slightly different from above) on my Galaxy II S android phone.

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