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brian j

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Apr 12 2014 at 1:49pm #

I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to sell this bike for awhile now, and the time has come to get it out of the basement, so, this bike can be can yours, pending a donation to Bike Pittsburgh. I’ll let the taker decide what might be appropriate, but I’ll set the bar at a minimum donation of $25.

On to the bike….it’s a Kona Smoke 29’er, large frame (I’m ~5’10” and it fits me okay). A brief overview of what’s on it:

* Steel Kona frame and fork.
* New-ish rear wheel with Sun rim and Shimano hub.
* New Performance tires (35mm width, but the frame can take up to 50mm).
* Full mudguards/fenders.
* Shimano MTB cranks with only the middle and upper ring.
* Updated Shimano rear mech (Deore XL).
* SunTour ProXC thumb shifters. (Yeah, I should take these off and sell them on eBay, but I’m too lazy)
* Torker city bars.

It’s not been ridden for about a year, but aside from some lubricant on the chain, air in the tires, and a brake adjustment it should be ready to ride. The bike has seen its share of abuse, but it’s still in pretty good shape.

In a perfect world, this bike would be taken by someone looking to get into commuting (rather than someone looking for their n + 1 bike), but I’m won’t be too picky.

Email me at bjanaszek/gmail for more information and photos.


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Apr 12 2014 at 5:19pm #

I.know Ben Y is looking for a commuter. I don’t know if he can email on the sabbath thotho. I also don’t know if it will fit him. But, I suspect he would be very interested.

brian j

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Apr 12 2014 at 5:50pm #

Just an update….I have several interested parties, and if you’ve emailed me, I will process the messages in order. Thanks for the interest.


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Apr 12 2014 at 7:56pm #

Thanks for the mention Sarah, but large frame was NEVER going to fly.

I actually picked up the Raleigh Technium the other day from Bill (bd), which I’ll work with a bit before probably passing onto a friend.

I’ve still got my eyes on IGH conversion of my trashed geared bike and maybe other things.


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Apr 13 2014 at 9:36pm #

The bike has officially been spoken for and claimed. Thanks for the upgrade Brian! I already noticed better performance on the two short rides I took this afternoon/evening. Contributions have been made to the RideWithCare campaign in both my name and my wife’s name to fulfill our end of the deal (I like the shirt, she likes the cap ;-) )

brian j

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Apr 14 2014 at 6:05am #

Thanks, Steve! Glad you’re enjoying the bike.

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