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Mar 28 2013 at 3:56pm #

Hey Bike-PGH board, long time no see!

I live in New York City now and have time off before starting a new job on April 15th. The weather is getting nice, so I’m thinking a bike tour could be fun, and Pennsylvania is closeby and full of beautiful wide open spaces. Anyone have experience riding cross-state on routes Y, V, or S, and thoughts on places to stay while travelling? What about thoughts on what kind of mileage would be fun in that terrain for a fit loaded touring cyclist?

I rode cross-country a couple years back, so I have decent equipment and am in decent shape.


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Mar 28 2013 at 11:10pm #

I haven’t taken a bicycle on any of the routes as of yet, but I’ve driven on all three (more or less).

Route V would be the most interesting in my opinion, but more for the nearby state forests along the way. PA 144 is one of the most beautiful stretches in the state imho. It’s rather desolate with lots of wildlife although not technically on Route V.

Route S has more historical sights along the way and would be ideal for credit-card style touring with plenty of small towns and hotels.

Route Y would almost be too desolate, but I think that a lot of cross-country ACA riders take that route to cut to NYC so you’d likely find company. Then again, a friend took the ride from Portland, OR to NYC and it didn’t sound like he enjoyed the ride through PA that much.

What sounds fun to me would be to take Route Y but then take the Pine Creek Rail Trail down to Route V. There are plenty of state parks with campgrounds along the way. I’d probably shoot down to Route S from there… zig-zagging my way across the state. Then again, I think I just created the route with the most hills across the state. Do the exact opposite for the flattest ride. ;)

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