Oblivious PGH Motorists on video

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Aug 6 2012 at 5:58pm #

I think what he meant by “I’m just trying to let him know I’m here” was that he couldn’t understand, if the cyclist knew he was there, why he didn’t get off the road, out of his lane, and let him pass the way he believes a cyclist obviously should. Clearly, since the cyclist was still in his lane, the cyclist must be oblivious.

I would likely drop it as well, but I don’t think that’s the best idea. The guy clearly needs to be told by someone he either respects or fears that his behavior was not appropriate and it would be in his own best interest to modify it (and his expectations). Maybe a positive chat with police can fill that gap.

The question is whether it’s psychologically of enough benefit to your family personally to try and induce that constructive chat with the third party (which is why I’d drop it, I’ve found I don’t have the stomach to live in it long enough to report it once it’s over).

If this, and cyclist ire due to poor cyclist law adherence, are the worst things to come of PedalPgh, what a remarkably wonderful day.


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Aug 6 2012 at 8:07pm #

I had one driver honk at me and others to let me know they were behind me. Short beep-beep as we’re coming down the hill. Worked fine. Really no need for laying on the horn. He probably came up with something half-assed as he noticed your helmet cam.


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Aug 6 2012 at 8:55pm #

Is anyone on the case of trying to figure out what the guys t-shirt says? It seems to defy the t-shirt prime directive of a simple easily identifiable message.

Also I probably would have mentioned to the guy that 1985 called and wants it’s shorts back.


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Aug 7 2012 at 1:07am #

1985 called? And you didn’t warn them about Challenger’s O-ring problem?


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Aug 7 2012 at 1:09am #


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Aug 7 2012 at 1:26am #



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Aug 7 2012 at 2:05am #

/sigh/ To again be the lone vocal dissenter, although I know others are lurking…

“I hope your son swore at that asshole, too.”

Really Stef? Is that what you hope for the next generation?

When confronted with behavior he doesn’t like, you hope he responds with hard-to-understand profanity? Because clearly, we have so many great examples of what kind of response using profanity with strangers results in.

Does anybody else think it’s problematic how enraged Quizbot becomes by somebody blowing their horn? Now granted, this pisses me off too, but Quizbot seems to become about five levels higher pissed off.

Now I figure some people are going to be like “he’s defending his kid!” but the horn doesn’t present any danger to the kid.

Now I’ll give credit to both Quizbot and the car guy. Even after Quizbot’s yelling, car guy was willing to talk to him. And then to Quizbot’s credit, once he calmed a little and realized the guy was open to talking to him, he did try and get some clarity about why he was laying on the horn.

Quizbot, if I could take a guess, I’m going to say that blowing the horn pisses you off because it’s loud and obnoxious and you’re wanting some consideration and equality for bikes being on the road. If you ask yourself “why is this pissing me off so much” when you start to feel yourself getting pissed off, you might be better able to communicate that when you start talking to somebody.

All you told the guy was that he doesn’t know the rules of the road. Now if you were referring to horn use, yeah I guess, but I think you’re more annoyed by it because of the reasons above, not because it is a rule.


For whatever it’s worth, this isn’t “armchair” cycle-caming? I practice this stuff in real life. Examples:

Chislett St, guy honks at me, I kind of look back and wave my “what do you want” hand (or not, don’t remember) and kind of assert myself in the lane a little better. He may have honked at me again before passing me around the intersection of Vetter, which has more space

Because Chislett has a stop sign every two blocks, I pretty much keep up with him and eventually he pulls over to the pizza place.

I cycle up and say “Hey sir, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a moment.” He says yeah and I say “Well, I was wondering why you honked at me back there?” He said something along the lines of me being in the middle of the road. Then I explained “Well, I kind of stay away from the cars on the side because if somebody opens their car door I can run into it and I’m also concerned with running over somebody if they step out in front of a car.” “But do you really need to be in the middle of the road?” *He was walking into the pizza place as this convo took place* “Well, I’ve literally run over an old guy before so…” By that point he was in the store. I got an impression of him partially still be annoyed with me, but also a little bit of “okay man.” So hopefully next time he sees a cyclist, maybe he’ll remember why we’re near the middle of the road. I also may have said something like “I don’t want to get in your way or slow you down, while at the same time…”

Another time on Jancey some lady was honking at me, around 8am or something because kids were at a bus stop the next street up. I stopped my bike (and this time I was pretty much yelling or had a very raised voice) and said “Where do you want me to go?! If I ride along the cars I’m either going to get hit by a car door or run over a kid!” I may have said more, but that was the gist of it. I kind of stood there for a moment, I think I was at or close to a intersection, and then kept going.

I got a sense the parents and kids up the street were on my side.

The lady turned at the intersection


In both cases, I tried to explain to people what I was doing. I can understand from their perspective, if they don’t know what we’re doing, why they’re annoyed. Now granted, that isn’t to say whenever I don’t understand what somebody is doing I blow on my horn, but I can understand their frustration. For example, when somebody is blowing on their horn and I don’t understand why, I get pretty frustrated too.


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Aug 7 2012 at 2:59am #

Pierce, i see your point, but the video was prefaced with the explanation that it was the tail end of an extended incident – what we didn’t see included tailgaiting and continued leaning on the horn. i wasn’t there, just paraphrasing what was described.

the horn doesn’t present a danger to his child, but someone wielding several tonnes of steel, apparently angrily, in close proximity, is a clear danger. Most of the “and then they ran me off the road” stories I’ve heard have started with “this aggressive driver was behind me, honking incessantly and tailgaiting…”

i can’t blame him for reacting as though he were in the middle of a “and then my son got run off the road” story. Luckily, it ended differently instead.


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Aug 7 2012 at 3:04am #

> the horn doesn’t present any danger to the kid.

imminent danger? perhaps not, but regardless of intention, laying on the horn is very intimidating and easily considered threatening, especially to a person on a bike on a busy street in the rain during a sanctioned event. it could be even moreso to a younger and less experienced person. quizbot was waaaaaaaaay in the right w.r.t. his reaction, and i hope he reports this assclown so that the cops pay a visit and the driver feels intimidated himself.

you might say that intimidation begets intimidation or that ive got bloodlust, but im really just hoping the jagoff learns some respect for others and the rules of the road.


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Aug 7 2012 at 3:17am #

I think you are wrong on this one Pierce. The driver was clearly being a bully – I would be pissed if I was in a car and this happened.


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Aug 7 2012 at 4:42am #


My point is independent of what the guy did to a certain extent. The video shows the guy several cars lengths behind, which is what my comments are based on. I’ll have to take Quizbot for his word on what happened before, but I’ve disagreed with his assessments several times based on the same videos.


“and the driver feels intimidated himself” Really? Again, yeah, violence begets violence. Respect isn’t “learned” by some cop knocking on your door. What’s needed is empathy, understanding, and consideration. Ask the minority populations of the city how the cops are doing with that so far.


I agree with being pissed off. I don’t agree with pretty much anything else. Is the stereotype of bullies having bully parents true?

Because seriously, the continued macho man versus macho man displays here aren’t going to do shit except contribute to further resentment on both sides. Except I think I think the videos here, if memory serves me right are, macho man versus old man and macho man versus seemingly calm (albeit honking) guy in car

I’d also like to point out Quizbot, if you ever do get into an altercation, which seems highly likely if you run into somebody just a little more on edge than yourself, you’re building up quite the body of evidence with how you interact with motorists.


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Aug 7 2012 at 7:01am #

@Pierce – the guy was laying on the horn SOLIDLY for over a minute, riding at points 10 feet or so off my kid’s wheel. Downhill in a heavy rain. We were going 20 mph or so. Taking a situation that was already something to be treated cautiously and making it magnitudes more tense. Not a couple of friendly dimwitted beep-beeps. Once he laid on the horn he didn’t stop until I stopped in the middle of the lane in front of his car. Even then it kept going. It was pure and simple reckless intimidation and harassment.

“he’s defending his kid!” That’s correct. I am assuming you don’t have any, since you don’t seem to be very understanding of how someone threatening one’s child might take things up a few notches. Instead, you unctuously invoke it as some sort of defense of your argument. Totally lame.

“the horn doesn’t present any danger to the kid”. Of course not. The horn is just a silent inanimate object in its normal state. The sub-human piece of shit blasting it is another matter entirely.

You actually bought the driver’s line that “I’m blowin’ the horn cause I don’t want anybody to get hurt”? Can you not recognize bullshit when you see it? Are you really that naive?

In this situation, I didn’t need to ask “why is this pissing me off so much”. I knew exactly why. The guy was being a reckless asshole & threatening my kid. I didn’t then, and I still don’t now give a shit about meditating on his fucking feelings or perspective, or communicating anything to him with clarity other than the fact that I wanted to rip his fucking head off and the best thing that could happen was for him to just leave.

If things really weren’t so bad, why did the strangers in the car behind stop to ask if we were ok? That’s not enough to give you a clue about the situation Pierce?

He should’ve slowed down, patiently waited for a few seconds until it was safe to pass, crossed the double yellow, and given my kid 4 feet in passing. During the time he was on the horn, he had ample opportunity to do so. He chose not to and instead decided to fuck with the rider. Hundreds of other drivers that day were able to pass us safely without any incident, almost all giving 4 feet or more, no fucking horns… what the fuck was up with that guy?

About the macho man thing – you have some serious nerve passive-aggressively calling me names and judging me when you have no idea who I am in real life. You are totally out of line. I’m not some macho asshole who goes around and fucks with people. I’m pretty cautious and cerebral, but will defend my space if I need to. Do I react to threatening drivers with some spirit? Yes. Am I going to let you goad me into tearing you a new one? No. It would never work anyway, because you’d be able to empathize and understand my perspective without feeling any anger yourself. I’m already feeling a bit ego deflated and more calm just by imagining it.

As for the body of evidence with how I interact with motorists goes, I have dozens of hours of boring footage backed up & can easily prove that a few minutes posted here and there publicly are in no way typical of how I interact with drivers and behave on the road. Thanks for pointing it out though.


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Aug 7 2012 at 7:41am #

I didn’t realize this was also happening going downhill. I can see how that can also add to an already frustrating situation. I also am not trying to convey a sense that your frustration and anger and yelling are not justified. They are.

“and the best thing that could happen was for him to just leave.” I’m sorry that’s the best thing you think can happen. I talked with others in this conversation in person and they were of a similar opinion. (John, Marcel, Sarah) My experience based on similar initial interactions by motorists leads me to believe otherwise.

“If things really weren’t so bad, why did the strangers in the car behind stop to ask if we were ok?” I’m not saying things weren’t bad. If I heard a long car horn for unknown reasons and then a guy yelling at the top of his lungs, I would investigate also.

“You actually bought the driver’s line that” Eh, not exactly. I would have tried to investigate further.

I’m in agreement with what he should have done in regards to safely passing you.

I apologize for the macho man comment. I allowed myself to fall into some kind of confirmation bias, which is that most of what I see you do is yelling and swearing at motorists. I recognize now that you point it out, isn’t how you interact with the majority of motorists. Even then, as you point out, it isn’t like you’re going out of your way to pick fights with people. You’re being trigged by people driving without as much care as you’d like. (Varying levels of disregard depending on the situation)

To be more direct in regards to that macho man comment, now that I think about it, was more in response to the group rather than you specifically, except you’re the one posting the videos, but I’m sure others interact the same way,

And my frustration with the group is that, is this the best we can do? When confronted with conflict, is the best we can do yell at people, give them the finger, get into debates about the law, etc, etc, etc. It seems like a lot of people are content with that. (And Quizbot, this is directed at the bicycle community as a whole, again, I recognize this isn’t how you personally always act)

I don’t see how conflicts can be resolved this way. How does that process work? If yelling at him is right, is trying to engage him in a dialogue any less right?

It seems like you want to have a conversation with these people, but when you start off by yelling at them, the dynamics change and they’re less willing to be open and honest with you and probably less willing to hear where you’re coming from.

If you’re not willing to hear what their perspectives and feelings are, then do you expect them to be willing to hear yours? And if neither side is willing to hear one another, then what is the point of communicating at all?

[Update] I just recalled a time when I responded to a honk and “get off the road” with yelling and swearing. (two or three years ago) I think I responded something like “I have every fucking right to be on the mother fucking road!” Might have had more profanity, maybe called the guy an asshole. The guy’s response was to ram me twice with his SUV. (We were stopped behind an tractor trailer)

I think it could have gone differently if I had tried another approach. After that he somehow got alongside me and said something like “Do you want me to get out of the car and punch you in the face?” and I said something like “No, I don’t” somehow more calmly and then he drove off.

I think I could have had a more meaningful exchange. And that’s what I’m asking this community to do. I’m asking for us to strive for more meaningful exchanges with the drivers that stimulate the greatest amount of anger, fury, and rage within us.


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Aug 7 2012 at 1:49pm #

Everything changes when you’re with a loved one.


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Aug 7 2012 at 2:09pm #

Pierce, I personally have a very difficult time reasoning with an unreasonable person immediately after they have threatened my or another human’s life. Give me five minutes and it is much easier, but in the moment I find it nearly impossible. Any tips?


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Aug 7 2012 at 7:39pm #

@ Pierce and Quizbot: you are each consistently thoughtful and fascinating posters to this board. I am offering both as public service and out of personal curiosity to host beers on me at the bar of your choosing. My gut tells me the conversation will be illuminating.



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Aug 7 2012 at 7:45pm #

damn! i wish i was more consistently thoughtful and fascinating.

edit: (i <3 beer)


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Aug 7 2012 at 7:57pm #

for what its worth, i thought quizbot showed considerable restraint. i would have had a hard time not yanking this dickhead out of his car if he threatened one of my loved ones in such a manner.


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May 1 2013 at 12:13pm #

Heyyyyy!!!! No vids for 8 months! Here’s a new one! YAY! It shows 5 jagoffs in the bike lane on Liberty in the space of one minute this morning getting their mirrors slapped.

Bonus video! What the fuck was gold Highlander doing? Just kind of drifting into the bike lane! SLAP!


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May 1 2013 at 12:24pm #

Did you actually fold the mirrors of those cars? or just slap them a bit?

I had ajeep driver threaten me with violence once because I tapped his car after he almost hit me in a cross walk. “You HIT my car, dude!”

It was Oakland and there plenty of peopel around so I got loud enough that they looked when I really loudly said “You almost hit me in a crosswalk and you’re angry that I touched your car? YOU ALMOST HIT ME IN A CROSSWALK!” I think if it wasn’t for the people around he would have attacked me.


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May 1 2013 at 12:31pm #

quizbot wrote:Heyyyyy!!!! No vids for 8 months! Here’s a new one! YAY! It shows 5 jagoffs in the bike lane on Liberty in the space of one minute this morning getting their mirrors slapped.

My reaction to this is very negative. Sure, the cars do not belong in the bike lane, but all you are doing is irritating the drivers. Do you really think they are going to respond with “oh, that cyclist is telling me to stay out of the bike lane. I’ll be sure to do that from now on”? More than likely, it is just going to fuel hatred toward us. Please be courteous.


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May 1 2013 at 12:32pm #

While I think hitting mirrors for those folks who are driving in to the bike lane is a bit much

I’m reminded of this:


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May 1 2013 at 1:50pm #

that dude falls like a pro


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May 1 2013 at 2:41pm #

Oh the poor irritated drivers! Give me a break brybot. I just gave the mirrors a little slap, didn’t fold them in or anything, didn’t blap them with a U lock. Just enough to let the jags know I was there. It’s worth mentioning that not a single one rolled down windows or jumped out of their cars/vans/suv’s to yell at me for tapping their mirrors, so maybe they did get the message.

Why was everyone backed up to the West Penn garage inbound? I’ll bet they loved seeing this when they finally made it up there:


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May 1 2013 at 8:15pm #

Hi, long time biker / skulker of this board.

Haven’t ever posted before but after watching Quizbots video there above, I felt I had to. I quite honestly can’t believe that this website allows such flagrant negativity to persist. Watching your actions above, it’s no wonder some people harbor a dislike for bikers, that’s five people in the space of a minute you have persuaded to hate bikers, good job. You in no way are impeded by people who are slightly in your way, yes they shouldn’t be there but this doesn’t give you a right to potentially damage their vehicle. In fact from what I could tell, several were simply trying to pull out into traffic, not sure if you’re aware of the fact that they do have to actually cross the bike lane and may in fact exist there for some time during heavy traffic.

Your post and your actions are the exact embodiment of the negative drivers you are seeking to persecute. You are going out of your way to be mad about absolutely nothing aside from being slightly impeded, and then lash out on that anger at people who have barely done anything wrong.

Every time I read such massively negative posts and reactions from the users of this board (there are many) I groan and just pass on looking for useful information. This will no longer be an issue as I am no longer willing to put up with having to see posts like this persist (perhaps fester is a better word).

Some facts:

1) I bike for fun only, perhaps this means my opinion is pointless to you. I love my car (g35x), my bike is pretty cool (Swobo Dixon).

2) I am vocal and supportive (I donate dolla bills, yo) of the biking community despite my relatively loose alignment to it or requirement of its existence.

3) In a similar circumstance (Actually I’ve had people nearly door me and I simply braked and maneuvered around them without saying anything) I wouldn’t even think twice about how inconvenienced you were.

4) I can guarantee that if this happened to me (as a driver) I would be extremely irate. And I can also guarantee that if I came across a video of you touting to the board for tapping my mirror, I’d call the police and ask them to have a talk with you.

You are not special. You do not have some card that allows you do whatever you want in your bike lane. If someone’s in your way, deal with it. Traffic affects everyone. I personally think you have some sort of anger issues and possibly need therapy. I don’t care if you have a response or a comeback, I won’t see it.

It’s both ironic and unfortunate that this is both my first and last post.


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May 1 2013 at 8:47pm #

Wow, dropping all that then running away like a coward to prevent any possibility of a dialog. F*cking weasel.
Sorry, all, that’s the best restraint I could muster.


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May 1 2013 at 9:09pm #

WarpedMedia wrote:Your post and your actions are the exact embodiment of the negative drivers you are seeking to persecute. You are going out of your way to be mad about absolutely nothing aside from being slightly impeded, and then lash out on that anger at people who have barely done anything wrong.

I had similar thoughts to this, and wish I had included them in my first post. As cyclists, is it fair to harass drivers for doing something “wrong” when we cry foul when we are harassed? My personal opinion is that we need more understanding and courtesy on both sides. And I firmly believe that cyclists should avoid doing anything that could potentially piss off a driver. I don’t like being hated for being a cyclist in part for the poor judgement of other cyclists.

edmonds59 wrote:Wow, dropping all that then running away like a coward to prevent any possibility of a dialog. F*cking weasel.

That is a pretty harsh welcome. I’d have to agree with the sentiment of WarpedMedia about a lot of what goes on this message board. All the crap, bickering and self-righteousness that goes on here will keep people from posting. While I find the board useful, I find a lot of the content bothersome. Rather than calling the poster a coward, maybe we should consider how the content of this board affects all the users who come here and never post. That is exactly who WarpedMedia is, and for that reason, his or her post sheds some valuable insight.


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May 1 2013 at 9:32pm #

Nonsense. WM’s comments reflect nothing more than a car apologist who is more concerned about his “g35x” than any actual traffic parity for cyclists. Just a more insidious version of the asshole who yells out his car window “you know, I ride a bike too, but…blah, blah, blah”.
Cyclists should avoid doing anything that could potentially piss off a driver? Are you effing serious? So we are now at the point where cyclists have to behave impeccably, above and beyond what is normal for drivers, just to be considered acceptable? No.
I have no problem with slapping cars. It doesn’t hurt them for shits sake. I don’t do it on a bike because it is potentially dangerous, you could crash yourself out with a move like that. But as a pedestrian, I’ve banged cars hard when I’m in a crosswalk and I get cut off. If they’re close enough to slap, they’re too damn close.
And my response isn’t harsh at all, as I said, it’s the most restrained comment possible. I’m not at all crazy about the bickering myself. But to drop a multi-paragraph tirade like that then state that it is your first and only post, no discussion, yeah, that’s the definition of a fucking weasel.


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May 1 2013 at 9:43pm #

edmonds59 wrote:Cyclists should avoid doing anything that could potentially piss off a driver? Are you effing serious? So we are now at the point where cyclists have to behave impeccably, above and beyond what is normal for drivers, just to be considered acceptable? No.

Car drivers should follow the rules and be considerate too. I’m a firm believer that we should all follow the rules of the road regardless of what we drive or pedal.

If you can give me a single reasonable justification for why cyclists should not be considerate of other road users (including pedestrians), I might reconsider my stance.


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May 1 2013 at 9:57pm #

Cyclists absolutely must be considerate of other road users, pedestrians above all. But cyclists should not simply accept violations of their rights by other potentially deadly road users, or “not thinking twice”, as Mr. Warped suggests.
I don’t consider slapping a 4,000 metal box that is being operated in a dangerous manner “being inconsiderate”. It’s self preservation, standing up for your rights, preserving the well-being of the next cyclist or pedestrian that this operator might drive over.
Is the concern really the issue of other people “touching your stuff”? Seriously? That’s juvenile.


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May 1 2013 at 10:06pm #

“1) I bike for fun only, perhaps this means my opinion is pointless to you. I love my car (g35x), my bike is pretty cool (Swobo Dixon).”

@WarpedMedia, it doesn’t mean we don’t want you to post your thoughts about things, but realistically it does mean your opinion is uninformed. It’s no biggie if you go about it humbly. You didn’t. I will try to reach you through PM as well just in case you might read that because I do believe a better informed public is a good we should work toward.

The situation in that bike lane was disgusting. The fact that you don’t think so doesn’t say much to me since apparently you totally ok with people not looking, and almost dooring you. In this specific case, rather than just accepting such stupidity meekly, there’s a better way… don’t ride in the door zone! If a car behind you has to wait a little, that’s better than you putting yourself at risk. Or perhaps you don’t think that either since you’re not, generally out there except in your car. I don’t know.

Anyways, getting back to the situation in the bike lane. These sorts of things don’t build to that level on random chance… it’s common driver behavior there. But just because it is, doesn’t make it ok, they hadn’t “barely done anything wrong”. It’s a right of way for one type of vehicle and not another.

Or perhaps you think it’s ok if cars get annoyed by having to be in lane and decide to claim the sidewalk for their own, too?

You can debate the merits or demerits of being confrontational about it. But saying, you’re not special, deal with it, is total denial, and a total cop out. Not EVERYTHING could or should be just blindly accepted or nothing gets better.

“I don’t care if you have a response or a comeback, I won’t see it.

It’s both ironic and unfortunate that this is both my first and last post.”

I don’t see much irony to the decision given the entirely negative attitude you carried from your post. The thing that does seem ironic taking you at face value is that you would choose to donate to an organization like bike-pgh without caring about transportation cycling one iota.

I invite you to reconsider that attitude… not the donating, the attitude toward transportation cycling. No better way to start than by doing. There are lots of folks here happy to help if you can get off the high horse.


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May 1 2013 at 10:17pm #

My gut feeling is that quizbot is entirely justified, that yelling “get out of the bike lane!” is constructive, but that slapping the mirrors has too much road rager downside.

“Is the concern really the issue of other people “touching your stuff”? Seriously? That’s juvenile.”

It is, but it’s a strongly ingrained cultural factor. It’s hard to fight against two of those (that, and bad driving) at once.


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May 1 2013 at 10:20pm #

^byogman, more moderate and reasoned than I. kudos.
edit: It also just occurred to me that, aside from the whole adolescent “don’t touch my stuff” attitude, when people do something wrong or stupid, and then get called out on it, that REALLY pisses them off.


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May 1 2013 at 11:08pm #

Eh, I don’t think I’d be tapping on mirrors, but probably would be grumbling.

The handicapped truck was trying to merge in and wasn’t having much luck, which I can sympathize with as it’s happened to me in a car and on my bike.

I think what would really help is more on-the-road markings that it is a bike lane. Large swaths of it are totally unmarked and that probably doesn’t help cars from veering into it.


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May 1 2013 at 11:32pm #

99.995% of the time I’m über considerate out there. Before today, I can’t even tell you the last time I slapped a car (maybe sometime in 1992). This was just a certain kind of weirdness that I encountered this morning. 8 months without a helmet cam thing worth noting is a pretty good indicator of how swimmingly my interactions with drivers have been going.

Maybe Liberty in Bloomfield is a clusterfuck like this every day, but I wouldn’t know. I had to diverge from my normal route for an errand. But, if this is how it is every day, I’d suggest taking an alternate route (Friendship Ave).

Really, what good is a bike lane that isn’t really a bike lane? Assholes blocking the fucking thing because they’re pulling out of a parking space trying to enter the flow of traffic while you’re shoved into the door zone to begin with. The Liberty bike lanes through Bloomfield are a feel good band aid on a much bigger problem.

Bike lane implementation in the city is generally backassward. Using Liberty in Bloomfield as an example, the bike lane should be directly against the curb. Parking lane should be to the left of that, so that people can pull out of the parking lane directly into traffic without needing to cross over / block the bike lane.


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May 2 2013 at 12:02am #

@Pierce: stop sympathizing with the poor downtrodden drivers already. The access truck was making an illegal right on red @ Pearl and Liberty. Look at 0:57 – 1:06 in the first video.

Heyyy, he’s derping through this green light:

Oh wait, there’s a NO TURN ON RED sign at his intersection:

F that jagoff.


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May 2 2013 at 1:20am #

5 slapped mirrors in 40 passed vehicles = 12.5% jagoff rate

those 5 will probably not learn, so who cares if theyre miffed or not. id like to know if those other 35 drivers were angry at you for going faster than them, or just jealous, or plain old oblivious. id guess the latter :(


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May 2 2013 at 7:03am #

Liberty Ave with this bike lane, despite it’s flaws is WAY better than liberty ave without it. I remember riding in the space where there was no bike lane, just some sharrow markings, and had to deal with sketchy stuff a lot more often.

Yes, liberty ave looks like this a lot during rush hour, on a regular basis, with jagoff’s pulled 1/2 in to the bike lane (so they can see how bad the traffic ahead is, are thinking about maybe doing a right turn without signaling, have no idea how wide their car is, or are too busy talking on the phone to realize what is going on around them)


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May 2 2013 at 8:59am #

Benzo wrote:Liberty Ave with this bike lane, despite it’s flaws is WAY better than liberty ave without it.



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May 2 2013 at 10:01am #

If he had a point, I’d be the first to agree with WarpedM… but, he has no point.

Perhaps he should have followed the discussion instead of just commenting on the video itself. For me, the fact that the car following the aggressive driver seemed to be on the same page as Quizbot tells me what I need to know i.e. guy was being a jerkoff and QB’s response wasn’t out of line.

Also, it’s bad taste to comment months later on an issue that has already been brought up. Um… thanks for your input, I guess. I hope you go back to skulking since I’d rather you kept your own mouth shut than dictate what the rest of us should and shouldn’t be allow to say. Who are you to come here being negative and telling the rest of us not to be negative??? Hypocrite much? Sheesh… nice to meet you too.

I guess the take home lesson here is that tone and action send a message. The wrong approach and you lose your intended audience in ten seconds or less.

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