steam locomotive on Sunday

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May 29 2013 at 5:25am #

Seems like the absolute greatest place to see this for people in town would be from some floor of the Greyhound garage where it passes thru on the curve. Isn’t that the usual route? You could get right up in it’s face. Not quite as close as Stu likes to get, but close.


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May 29 2013 at 12:48pm #

Real up close and personal:
* Amtrak station
* Any bridge over the tracks along the East Busway
* Parking lot to Whole Foods
* Any bridge on the North Side (e.g., W North by Brighton)
* The park on the North Side by that intersection
* Near Island & Beaver in Manchester

If you have access to a car:
* Real nice spot along PA993 between Trafford and Irwin
* Near the lock in Osborne along PA65
* Conway Yard


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May 29 2013 at 2:51pm #

3:45 nearing Johnstown.
3:54 leaving Johnstown


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May 29 2013 at 3:08pm #

I watched it from the Lock and Dam in Emsworth last time, and it was a fabulous location. Ohio River Boulevard about 6 miles from town, right at stoplight onto Brighton, immediate left under the Ohio River Bridge, then two blocks to large parking lot at the Lock and Dam.

I also caught it at the Columbus Street Bridge in the North Side (near the Post Office on California Avenue). A good location (elevated above the tracks) but friends reported that the “cut” through West Park (by Gus and Yaya’s) was better.


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May 29 2013 at 3:44pm #

Another good spot is the end of Farragut Ave, off Brighton Rd by the Giant Eagle. (Note that the road surface is, uh, less than well-maintained.)

These photos were taken there last year.


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May 29 2013 at 3:54pm #

I’m going to head out Liberty, then cut up by the tracks when I get to 21st Street, and follow Sassafras Way to Herron. If I get there before the train does, I plan to be up on Gold Way.

4:50 it was in Derry
4:55 Latrobe

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)

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