Bicycle Parking Sample Letter

Simply Cut and Paste this and make it applicable to the business or building that you feel needs better bike parking.

To (Building/Store Manager):

I am writing to tell you that I like your (store/building/establishment), and come there on a regular basis. I cycle for the convenience, the health benefits, the environmental benefits, and the financial benefits of riding a bike.

Unfortunately, while shopping at your store, it is not very easy to make sure bicycles are safe and secure. Specifically, (pick all that apply) [there are (no/not enough) bike racks at existing location, there are no racks at particular entrances, existing racks are of poor quality, existing racks are too far from entrances, access to existing racks is very inconvenient].

Inconvenient and poor bicycle parking is a serious detriment, and is a reason that many cyclists will choose not to visit a building. Many of these problems can be solved with a small investment and work on your part, and will lead to more cyclists coming in to shop. Believe me, cyclists really appreciate when someone provides a convenient amenity for them, and they’ll show it by telling their friends and frequenting your (store/building) and becoming a regular customer. People who cycle are more likely to make your business a destination if there is adequate, convenient, year-round bicycle racks. You might even consider making it part of your store’s appeal.

If you would like to improve your business’ cycling appeal, I encourage you to provide adequate bicycle parking. There are many attractive models out there, and can even be customized to your business theme.

Remember, by not spending money on gas and repairs, cyclists have more money to spend at your business!
They also take up much less space than a car in your parking lot, so all of your customers will benefit by having an easier time getting to and parking at your business. A small investment on your part will go a long way.


(Your Name)