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“When I signed up for BikePGH’s after school class, I didn’t expect to learn so much, from basic bike maintenance and repairs to mapping safe routes around the city. I learned new things that I didn’t know before, became friends with students I’d never met before, and as the program went on, I felt like I joined a family of bicyclists.”

Jason Thomas

“When I’ve always been afraid of biking on roads with cars. Through BikePGH’s city cycling program, I had the opportunity to conquer my fears. I learned how to navigate intersections, start and stop confidently, and take the lane. For me, biking is a lot about undoing the lessons of ‘girl training.’ You’re always worried about other people and trying to be out of the way. On a bike, I’m doing the opposite. I’m looking out for my safety and owning my part of the road. That was really powerful.”

Carrie Tippen

“Bike Pittsburgh has played a key role in helping us start and run a successful bike rental business in Pittsburgh. Through enthusiasm, awareness and advocacy, Bike Pittsburgh has helped spread the word about how great it is to be on a bicycle in Pittsburgh. It is one of the links in the chain that encourages more people to visit us and spend the day touring our great city in the best possible way….on a bike! Thanks Bike Pittsburgh!”

Tom Demagall, owner of Golden Triangle Bike Rental

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