Using HTML on the Messageboards

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Here’s a quick rundown of the HTML available to users on the Messageboards to help users understand what each item is for and perhaps why it could be useful.

<a href>
This is used to create an “anchor”, better known as a link. The contents of the href property define where the link should point to. Example:<a href="">A Search Engine</a> Here we have created a link to Google’s website.
<b> & <strong>
Makes text bold. Technically strong is better. Example:A <strong>bold statement</b> might be that the <b>Steelers rule</b>!
<blockquote cite>
Used to quote another source. You can optionally place the original URL of the source, but this is not necessary. Example:<blockquote cite="">To be or not to be, that is the question.</blockquote>
Used to indicate text that is no longer valid, places a line through the middle of the text. Example:I am <del>32</del> 33 years old.
<em> & <i>
Used to add emphasis to a word (ie, italics). em is preferable to i. Example:Oh, you do you mean <em>Pittsburgh</em>? I was confused because you clearly said Pi<i>ck</i>sburgh
<img src alt>
Allows you to insert an image manually vs. using the image uploader. Requires an image to already be somewhere on the web. In the src you specific the URL of the image, in the alt you can add some text describing the image. Unlike many tags, the img tag does not require a closing tag. Example:<img src="" alt="the greatest museum in all of North Side" />
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