40th St Bridge to Millvale & back

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I’ve mentioned in other threads that it’s possible (not to mention highly desirable) to avoid Rt 28 when connecting between Millvale and the 40th Street Bridge. Last night I biked this in both directions, so here’s an update.

Bridge to Millvale: Use right lane of bridge at the end, but take the whole lane (if you dare, or else get over on the bridge’s sidewalk). On a green light, cross straight directly across all lanes of 28. I aim for a spot where the curb is broken. Go to the right and get to the left of the fence where you’ll find a sidewalk. This lasts about 1/10th of a mile. You climb a brief, steep hill and come out on a sidewalk, and just as abruptly, off the sidewalk onto a street, Maryland Avenue. Maryland is a steep downhill ending at a stop sign.

To get to Millvale from the foot of Maryland St: Wiggle slightly right (avoiding a divider) then left to get into traffic exiting Rt 28, and you’ll come up to another stop sign. Cars from left do not stop. If you’re in the left lane, turn left to get into Millvale proper on Grant Street.

To get to the North Hills: Same wiggle, then continue straight until you cannot go any farther (Rt 28 southbound’s Millvale off-ramp is staring you in the face). A left there will put you on Evergreen Road, which eventually becomes Babcock Blvd, one of the easiest ways through the North Hills.

To get to the river trail from the foot of Maryland Ave.: Wait for all traffic to clear all lanes in both directions. Turn right, get in left lane, and make an immediate left, to go over the railroad tracks. It isn’t difficult if traffic is light, but very dangerous if you encounter a car in any lane in either direction.

To get to the 40th St. Bridge from Millvale: I do this from Grant Street (the one with Attic Records on the other end). Proceed to stop sign. Go straight, then turn right onto Maryland Ave. (As an alternative, cross over a brick area where some ancient trolley tracks remain visible. The other side of this is Maryland St.) Maryland is very steep, but very brief. You need to cross to the left side of the street and carry the bike over the curb. Note that this is a blind corner, as Maryland has a dogleg turn exactly where you need to cross the street. I prefer to go partway around the turn, then double back before dismounting. The trail descent is steep enough it should be a staircase, but it’s a path. I walk it. It’s only 20 feet. Then the sidewalk appears and you’re clear sailing. Once you get down to the light at the bridge, there’s a push-button for the pedestrian signal. It works, but you have to wait a while.

To get to an outbound bus (e.g., 1A New Ken): Get to the bus stop in front of a white cinder block building containing an auto parts store.

OK, kinda long winded, but it sure beats taking your life in your hands dealing with traffic on Rt 28 for 200 feet.

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