A Balmy Heaven (an off-road alleycat)

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Hey Mark,

From the looks of it you’re going the wrong way on the Steve Faloon trail & Nature Trail. You’re supposed to go up the Steve faloon (enter by Westinghouse fountain (behind CMUish) and exit at top of golf course) and down Nature Trail (enter off of Beechwood and exit in the Frick valley). I was trying to get everyone going in the same direction since some of the singletrack is not so good for passing. Plus going up Nature Trail would kind of suck.

Anyway, the rest of it looks legit.

I am going to do a ride through tomorrow morning. I’ll be marking the start & end of each trail section & the checkpoints. I’ll call you tomorrow morning. Is anyone else interested? I mean, the downside is you’ll be riding the course twice in one day.

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