A Balmy Heaven (an off-road alleycat)

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A Balmy Heaven flyer
A Balmy Heaven

The warm weather sequel to A Frozen Hell. If you somehow missed January’s best off-road alleycat, it’s a race on and (mostly) off-road. It starts in the Southside and heads through Schenley, and into Frick. Last time we ended with a potluck, and if anyone has a good spot for an afterparty, we can do the same this time. Otherwise we all go to D’s.


What: An on and (mostly) off-road bike event
When: Saturday August 2nd, 5:30pm registration; 6pm start
Where: Thick Bikes (62 South 15th Street, Southside)
How much: $5
Prizes: Hell yeah! Speedgoat, Thick Bikes, Swobo, Crumpler, Built In Pittsburgh, Spokepunchers
Should I wear a helmet: yes, unless you enjoy brain damage
What bike should I ride: mountain, cross or road. If you choose the last two you’ll need a good dose of skillz, either bike handling or running.
Why: because you want to. Also the extra money goes to Book ‘Em

The format will be much the same as the Pittsburgh-Roubaix: checkpoints that you have to hit in a fixed order. It’s a “fixed” course in between, but it’s only enforced by other riders seeing you and snitchin’. The course will be posted Friday afternoon / Saturday morning after I do a final ride-through. Bonus time will be given for completing technical obstacles.

Also like the roubaix I’ll be doing semi-customized Spokecards: One design, you pick a custom # and some custom text. Those will have to be done by next Thursday night so I have time to get them laminated.

That’s all for now, updates to follow.

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