Almost “personed” this morning

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On my commute in this morning, I was almost “personed” in the door zone. I came up on a parked jeep, and started to pass, as normal. The hood of the jeep was up (I had noticed that as I approached). Just as I arrived at the rear of the car, the jeep owner stepped from the front of the car, into the door zone. He never lowered the hood of the jeep before moving, so his sudden appearance surprised the heck out of me (him too)!

I passed him, chiding myself for not having better anticipated his sudden appearance.

A mile further into the ride, the guy pulls alongside me in the jeep. He apologizes for scaring me, saying he had listened for engine noise, and hearing nothing, stepped into the lane of traffic without looking. He never thought to look for a bicycle. (I bet he will next time, though!)

Anyway, he turned out to be a really nice guy, and he felt really bad about causing me a momentary panic.

I’d like to just give a shout out to the guy – he did a dumnb thing (I did too), and he felt bad enough about it to apologize to me, even though there there was no physical contact between us, just a slight scare on both our parts.

I bet we’ll both be a little smarter next time.

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