Aosom Trailers?

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So I’m going to be buying a house in a few days and I’m already thinking of things I need to buy and how I’m going to transport it sans-car

The last time I checked, there were Burley trailers for around $300 and then pretty crazy expensive trailers closer to around $1000

Then I came across this:

With the weight limit they’re listing (lists the same on their site) at 180lbs this is a huge bang for the buck

Has decent reviews on Amazon too

I could see myself carrying a toilet, vanity, drywall, who knows what

Anyhow, I was wondering if anybody else has heard of these guys or if they’re the new conglomerate on the block? (they make a lot of other crap too)


Looks pretty good but I’m personally not familiar with the brand.


never heard of them – it’s weird they have a few similar models for basically the same price…

my main concern would be 35lb is pretty heavy – not so significant if you’re really hauling 180lb but i’d say most of the time i use my trailer (which is a crappy plastic kid’s trailer) it’s more like 20lb – bulky instead of heavy. but, the reviews are good and the price is certainly nice; might be worth a shot.

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