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I haven’t figured out what that’s an acronym for, but maybe that can be on the back of a t-shirt…

Bloody ‘ell. I just found the source of the creaking in my couple-year-old Jamis Nova Cyclocross bike – a crack in the weld where the seat-tube meets the bottom bracket shell. I’ve used this bike for touring and road riding and it was happily becoming my around-town bike. Not now. Now’s it’s joining the ranks of the frames i’ve cracked (numbering 5 now) none of which were ever really crashed… What’s that about?

Anyhow, I’m thinking about a Surly Crosscheck to replace it. I’d like something I can use my Jamis parts on, tour with and commute on. Any opinions? Anyone ever cracked one of those? Any other opinions? Should I just give up and get a solid forged frame? Is there something wrong with me?

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