Bike Rack Utilization

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I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to find a way to quantify all the cycling activity that I am seeing this summer. It occurred to me that a count of bikes at bike racks around town might be a good start. So, at lunch today, I verified that at the Smithfield/Liberty PPA Garage, 17 of 22 bike slots were full. At the potentially risky Mellon PPA garage, 4 of about 10 bike slots were full. The four slots at the Regional Enterprise Tower were also full.

For the record, I consider a BP type rack to be capable of holding two bikes, and a standard old-fashioned rack to hold one bike per slot.

The portico on the PPA Smithfield garage is filled to overflowing most mornings, but they have five additional racks down below, near the auto exit to Liberty that were only half full.

What’d you see today?

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