Bike rage

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i just got back from a ride, and i was stopped at a light by myself (then one car came up on my right, and was turning right), and a fella in a pickup truck turned past me from the left and said something like “share the road, eh?” i have no idea what he meant by it, but he didn’t say it in a manner that indicated he was happy to have to share the road, or that he didn’t feel like i was. anyway, i didn’t say anything back, and that was it.

i’m not much of a rager. when someone feels slighted by me (such as when i take up an entire lane on a four lane road) and yells something, i usually just smile and wave. i don’t look for confrontations, and so i rarely get them.

one thing very nearly made me angry today, though. i was coming down troy hill road toward chestnut. pretty steep downhill, and i was going at a pretty good clip. a car pulled very slowly out in front of me (i’m thinking, ok, it’ll speed up quickly and i’ll be able to slow down a little and this will be cool), but then it turned into a parking lot immediately after the turn. it was a pretty dangerous move and i barely managed to avoid flipping over the thing. i want to think “why didn’t you just wait until i got past?” but i already know the answer. the driver either didn’t see me or didn’t think i could possibly be going fast enough to be a bother, since i was on a bike. these are the kind of people i want to sit down with and say “listen, this is how you drive on a road where there are bikes.” it’s not that hard, but people just don’t know.

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