Bike rage

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you know, i was looking for a god place to put this, so here it is- anti-bike rage.

i was driving out to my volunteer EMT gig in fox chapel, which requires me to go straight down center to penn circle, negley run blvd etc.

on center about 2 blocks before the whole foods, this “middle aged” heavier (muscular) ish guy on a hybrid commuter (dark green, rear rack, straight bars) comes past all the slow moving cars riding right down the double yellow. Not SO bad. he then gets in to the lane, occupying the lane even though there’s ample room for him to keep right (while i don’t really want to get into the keep right or not debate, he was going about 10-15 mph ans there was ample room for him to move over to safely allow cars to pass). the driver in front of me isn’t trying to wait so she passes him on the right, drawing a yel and a middle finger from him. at this point i’m on his side, and leave him a wide berth as i don’t care much about being slowed down for a few blocks. what really irritated me is what comes next- when our lanes of traffic slowed, he cut across the yellow lines and began riding against the flow of traffic, in the middle (fast) lane by whole foods. Not only did he do this, but he actually forced a black pickup truck to change lanes so as to not hit him head on. then when we get to the light, he passes the SUV that had passed him on the right (using the wrong side of the road of course), knocks on the window and gives her the finger again, then without slowing, cuts in front of an oncoming car to turn left onto the sidewalk, almost hitting a woman and a kid.

i mean come on, if you’re riding a bike like an idiot, you have no right to get mad at someone who “illegally” passes you, even though in my opinion it was safe (it was that grey area of center where it’s wide enough to be 2 lanes but there’s no lines, right before whole foods, where it’s marked as 2 lanes just after the intersection)

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