Bike rage

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The only drivers I get angry at are the ones who do something aggressive and dangerous in order to get in front of me, when traffic is only moving at about 10mph anyway. And the ones who think they have to scream “share the road!!!” at me (god I hate those signs) or honk. I have been building up a little model of the drivers most likely to honk or yell, by race, gender, age and vehicle type. I might be skewing the results in my own observations, but there seems to be a pattern. I won’t say what I think the pattern is on the off chance that maybe I’m a sexist, racist, classist, jerk, I’m just wondering if anyone else thinks there’s a pattern.

I might have honked at a cyclist for the first time recently. I was turning left from Black St northbound onto Negley and a young woman on a bicycle came flying up Negley, ran the red light and I could easily have hit her. Negley just isn’t wide enough there for moving autos, bicyles, and parked cars all together. I say “might have” because I tried to honk but couldn’t find the horn button so if I honked at all it was more of a bleat. Guess maybe if I used it more often I’d know where it is. Any suggestions for a good place to go practice?

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