Bike rage

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I have seen seriously stupid stuff done by drivers, and I have seen seriously stupid stuff done by bike riders. … and I have seen both get angry when it was their own faults.

Drivers believe the road is theirs because they are big and fast and only should have to pay attention for other big and fast things (other cars) and that they shouldn’t have to be bothered with looking out for bikers (or pedestrians). These people are idiots!

Riders (some) have a “Blade” complex where they believe they have all the drivers strengths, and none of their weaknesses. They believe they are allowed to to everything a car can, AND also everything a car can’t (blow stop signs, wrong way on 1-ways, change lanes/turn without looking/signaling). These people are idiots!

There are good people on both “sides” and there are idiots on both “sides”.

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