Bike rage

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I’ve found it interesting that my attitude on the bike seems to affect the drivers around me. I’ve also mellowed way out over the years and rarely get into confrontations with drivers, in fact rarely get honked at or yelled at or have things thrown at me.

I still have old people pass to closely and pull out in front of me weekly, but after awhile you kinda see these things coming.

What’s the phrase? Be the change you want to see? Cheesy but it seems to apply. My wife attributes my lack of problems with drivers to the obvious utilitarian aspect of my daily commute. I’ve got some stuff and I’m going somewhere and I’m not out to bother you, cool?

We finally took a family ride to the grocery this weekend, kids in the trailer behind me, wife behind on her bike keeping and eye on the kids and traffic behind us. We found a pretty mellow route, bit busy on Highland Ave, but the trailer had an obvious affect on drivers. People waved us on through stop signs, gave us plenty of room, generally acted civilized. Even got a random “FAMILY FUN TIME, WOOHOO!!” yelled to us from a passing pickup. Really all in all much better than we expected, and we hope to make it a weekly thing, although a 4 year old a 2 year old and four bags of groceries don’t make for a fast nor terribly fun ride home. I think some seats for the kids are in the Xtracycle’s future.

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