Bike rage

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Makes me think of an incident that happened to me a couple months ago. The bike was on a bus rack. Where I signalled to get off, there were some cars already stopped at a red light. I did not notice just how close the bus had pulled to the car ahead, and so bumped my front tire against the back of some guy’s SUV as I unloaded the bike and put the rack back up. The bike was off the ground in my left arm and I was standing still, so the amount of force was probably similar to hitting it with my elbow. I didn’t even disturb dirt, let alone leave a mark.

Anyway, the guy pulls into a parking lot and starts chewing me out, looking for what he must have thought was a deep gash. I kept my cool, offered an apology, and upon his refusal, I just looked at him for a second, didn’t say a word, but just rode away. He didn’t pursue.

So, yeah, I should’ve been more careful, but face to face like that, if I hadn’t kept my cool, that could’ve been really nasty.

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