Craigslist Accident Posting

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I came across this on Craigslist and thought it might be useful to post it here:

Cyclist Who Was Almost Hit By Lady Driving Too Fast Dark Blue Lincoln (Baum/Roup/Center(shadyside))

I know it’s a long shot, but…

If you are reading this, please respond if you would like to appear at the court date for this lady’s assault charge. She exited her vehicle, threw rocks at me and my friend breaking my buddy’s reflector, and glanced my buddy with a punch and kicked his bike, knocking his wheel out of true. Since there were no other witnesses who would testify, it’s going to be our word against hers, and I know she’s going to lie and say that we “attacked” her or something. We only tried to get her license to give to the police because she was driving erratically and dangerously even before she almost ran you down while she was in the wrong lane. While we were waiting for the cops, she began chasing us and attacking us.

Any help you can give me and my friend would surely be appreciated.

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