Cyclist intentionally struck on SIDEWALK – Baum & Liberty(?)

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A week ago I sent a message to the Mayor’s 311 line with my concerns that this was not being pursued as it should.

“In reading the Bike-Pgh advocacy message, I read of an incident occurring on Wednesday Aug 1st wherein a cyclist was chased up unto the sidewalk and struck by an automobile at Baum and Liberty. As a bicycle commuter myself, I am horrified that this story was not covered in any of Pittsburgh’s news media and little seems to have been done by law enforcement to investigate this attempted vehicular homicide. I strongly encourage the Mayor’s office to look into this.”

I directed them to this discussion thread to read everything. I just received this response from Richard Meritzer :

“Thank you for your 311 Request. We have no control over what the media reports. But we are very concerned that the City responds to incidents of bicycle safety. We have been working with the Police Department on these incidents. I will forward your 311 request to them. Anyone who is attacked while on a bicycle should fill out a police report. And, I would be glad to follow up on such complaints if I am informed.”

It was CCd to,,, and

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