Cyclist intentionally struck on SIDEWALK – Baum & Liberty(?)

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Hey, I apologize for not having all of the details here, but I thought it important to post and let people know: a friend was struck on his bike yesterday afternoon on Baum near Liberty (as I understand) by a vehicle which chased him up onto the sidewalk before hitting him. So far as I know, there was some exchange between he and the driver (maybe there were passengers as well?) and then the vehicle sped up to cut off cars in order to chase the cyclist down. Hearing the car behind him, he rode up off of the street onto the sidewalk where the car just followed him, hit him, and then backed up screeching into oncoming traffic (yes there were people reportedly seeing this happen) and took off. This is the situation as I understand it, I may have some details wrong.

The good news is he is fine, out of the hospital as of last night with a fractured arm, scrapped up leg, doubly taco’d rear wheel, and somehow still smiling and in good spirits (the kid is a tank). Yesterday was also his 26th birthday. I saw him briefly this morning but didn’t have time to ask questions, I was just glad to see him in one piece.

The bad news is that I wish I was making this scenario up. Hopefully some people can fill in some details here, but if you ask me this sounds like an attempt at murder. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how the police are going to help anyone who needs it, but it’s been on my mind since I heard about this yesterday: will this be taken seriously after the initial report was filed? Can they catch the people that did this? With all these people around in broad daylight, will this driver really get away? I’ve been told that nobody got a plate number off the car or anything.

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