Cyclist self-defense information?

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Is anyone aware of any cycling-specific materials or training courses regarding self defense? My Google-fu is apparently weak today.

I ask because, although physical aggression against cyclists appears to be more exception than rule, it does happen, and preparedness is rarely a bad idea.

I dunno…something like the women’s self-defense courses that are offered in many locations; equal parts information and practical techniques. Even seemingly silly things, like where in the legal spectrum of assault use of a U-lock as a weapon falls, would be good information to have in advance. Heck, under what circumstances are you legally justified in hitting someone with pepper spray? That kind of thing…

It feels kind of paranoid, especially since I’ve had no more than three shouted insults in the last three years, but some of the recent threads in the Commuting section have been making me think.

Dan (waxing pensive)

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