Does anyone have a trailer, extracycle, or Big Dummy I could borrow?

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Ken Kaminski

The Ute is my very own. I’ve been trying to purchase one since I saw them at Interbike, and finally got my hands on one. If you’d ever like to give mine a whirl, you’re more than welcome. Last night saw Erok and I burning up and down Liberty Ave on it, realizing that the person on the back can pedal while the person on the front steers/brakes. Consider it an interval tandem. Yeah, thats it. It was also determined yesterday that you can in fact ride it with two adults sitting on the back. 380+ pounds of “cargo.” Insane.

A little bird told me that Trek of Pittsburgh has a standing order for a dozen or so more of these to arrive in the next month or so if you’re looking for one.

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