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I’m mentioned in the Washington Post today
Can a ‘smart helmet’ prevent bike crashes? Is it worth $200 to find out?


Nice Mention. I agree with your comments. Especially the speed limiters, and driver re-testing.

Though, I do think the lumos helmet is an interesting idea, but would hate to be compelled to have these features on a helmet.

I actually preferred their old design which didn’t have a big grid, just center red, yellow arrows on the sides in the back and a white bar in the front. I saw a demo unit a the apple store that would use gestures from your apple watch to trigger the turn signals which I thought could be intuitive. I’m not buying it, too spendy for an item that may not last long.

Last new road helmet I bought lasted 3 weeks before I slid out and fell on the hot metal bridge’s metal plates during some light rain and cracked it. Luckily I still had my old (un-crashed) one as a backup.

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