Goals for 2013

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Get in good enough shape to race a downhill series.

Start hitting gap doubles without panicking.

Race either a few enduro races or a couple dh endurance events (eg whiteface 5k or snowshoe Mt Everest race)

Break my 6′ barrier on drops.

Ride in the woods at least 4 days a week.

Get more people into riding in the woods.


I rode in to work today for the first time in ’13. It was nice.

I have decisively not made any resolutions for this year. I’ve been in a dark and sour mood since the onset of winter after Thanksgiving.

I failed my ’12 resolutions, and they weren’t that ambitious, but eh, whatevs.

I lost almost 20 lbs from Feb to June last year. Gained the same from July to now, so I am right back at the same point as last year. It’s as though everything I did in ’12 was nothing. meh.

Through ’12 I had huge mental battles with riding on the weekends, it became something I felt I should do, an obligation to do some miles, a chore, not something I wanted to do. I did come to immensely enjoy riding to work.

I have had many activities I wanted to participate in torpedoed by family duties, work issues, all kinds of crap, so I have become somewhat callous and inured to having my desires torpedoed.

So for me I say fuck all resolutions and goals for ’13. I’m just going to ride my bike when it’s nice and I feel like it. I suppose that’s a goal.


@edmonds59 – wouldn’t feel too badly. I’ve had the bike out maybe three times since New Year’s, and the three together don’t equal what I put on the unicycle on 1/1 itself. Just too damn busy.

The Snow Melt tastes wonderful. Let’s get together for at least lunch sometime. My treat.


Top! How’s everyone doing?

I was just thinking today, we’re about 6 weeks into the new year. This is when my gym gets back to a normal crowd and when I start to eat cake again.

Here’s my update:

1) Ride at least one day each week for the entire year.
– So far so good. I skipped one week when it was like 5 degrees out. Other than that, doing well.

2) Commute every day for a week on a bike. Now try to do it as many times as possible in 2013.
– Not yet.

3) Eat better on the weekends. Just because it’s Saturday doesn’t mean it’s OK to eat meat and potatoes and beer all day.
– Er, I guess this one hasn’t stuck yet. Maybe next weekend.

4) Explore and take more alternate routes to/from work.
– Yesterday was so gorgeous that I bopped down the North Shore Trail to the jail and back before crossing the river to go home. But that’s not really exploring, so I have some work to do.


already broke my one reasonable goal: I rode the bus probably 10 times in January.


Sticking to the bit about riding someplace purposeful once a week pretty well. Not doing very well any of the others, though.

OTOH I rode the whole 10+ miles to work this morning, the first time all year. And I’m trying to use the helmet cam as much as possible.


@pinky Saturdays would have a lot of rides. As soon as you participate — who cares about meet? :)


Closing in on the end of the year. How are we doing?
Will share my (lackluster) status.

1) Keep bike commuting regularly (goal measured more per winter than per year, but no more than 10 days skipping).

Technically, I blew this one in January! There were things going on that made me being away from home a bad idea, but I also used them for excuses a couple times.

I will at least make my (unadvertised) low mileage goal (2000) on my ride home today.

Cue up 2500 miles as an official goal for 2014.

2) Get a carrier for the younger kids so I can bike on errands with them. Make it PAINFULLY visible from all angles under all conditions (“artistic” ideas appreciated).

Achieved. However, the double trailer didn’t translate into many errands with them in practice since eldest needs to go, too.

So, for 2014, need to frind a way to get all three of the kids moving at once either via huge (probably home-built) trailer, trail-a-bike for eldest and me and wife riding together, or eldest actually building up for riding alongside.

3) Make some outdoor structure to shelter bike + biking stuff so I bike for more ad-hoc trips (currently drag out of basement, harder to work up motivation). Inexpensive ideas appreciated.

Partial credit. The shelter is a sukkah, so, it has no, um, roof. I did tack tarp up on one wall so it’s easy for my bike to roll underneath and there’s negligible wind up there, so it generally all stays.

Unfortunately it didn’t during my last vacation, something my (now bright orange) chain is complaining about rather vocally. Anyways, the walls stay and I have, in principle, buy in for the idea of the removable roof segments, so finishing that job will be on the goals for 2014.

4) Be in good enough shape for next year to join the DD training rides (regrettably, DD itself is on a Saturday so no dice for me).

Not so far off, but didn’t quite get there. Did some of the hills solo. But did only two of the real training rides, and blew up with cramps the day of 4 hills instead of 3. Cue it up again for next year.

5) Start or get on board with some Saturday night or Sunday rides (pointers anyone?). Need to burn off some of the shabbos indulgence.

Only did about half a dozen non-trivial sunday rides (not counting the two DD training rides). And all but two were solo. Meant for this to be something… whoops. I have excuses, but lame, lame, lame. Probably will be more house/project focused Sunday mornings in 2014, so not a goal in 2014.

6) Bring up next year’s bike participation in the Chanukah parade (my goal is 25-50 bicyclists depending on weather). Have a HUGE menorah next year attached to carrier for humor value / recruiting.

I’ll give myself credit on the menorah. Even though it was the backup, it was big and attention getting.

Ridership was a miss. 15 riders vs. 12, more, but not significantly. Which makes sense, I did a lousy job recruiting. Another goal for next year.


Ooooo! I forgot all about this–I now remember that I set some tiny 2013 goals.

-By the end of next year I want Greenfield to feel relatively easy for me (a pipsqueak goal compared to some, but hey, it’s MY pipsqueak goal :)).

*Done. It helped me a lot to start riding up the sidewalk on the first narrow stretch–it gave me some space to pace myself (this makes me feel a bit lame, but obviously not so lame that I stop doing it).

-Solve my ongoing how-to-commute-to-Oakmont-without-riding-the-Freeport-4-lane-section,-ARB,-or-those-tiny-narrow-roads-in-Penn-Hills dilemma. Failing that, initiate nasty but exhilarating Oakmont and Verona hill climb lunch breaks.

*My Oakmont commute quest has failed, but I have commenced my lunchtime hill climbing rides.

-Learn at least something about the mechanical workings of my ride. Right now in my head it’s basically a magical griffin upon which I climb when I want to glide around the city.

*I fixed two flats and learned to adjust my brakes. It’s progress, but I am still only an egg.

-Continue to get more involved in all the bikey doings near and far.

*I did well on this until a couple of months ago–need to work on fitting everything in more effectively.

-Oh, and figure out whether I should move to clipless pedals to take the next step forward.

*I went with power grips instead. So far, so good.


Vannevar wrote:
1 Keep riding
1A avoid overuse or bad-judgment injuries
1B avoid other-caused injuries (hit by driver etc)
2 Increase my 2012 mileage by 15%
3 More intermediate distance rides instead of 20-mile rides
4 More low-(schedule-family-budget)-impact S24O or S48O overnights instead of 1 or 2 blockbuster epics
5 Knock off two bucket-list items from among (Natchez Trace, Katy Trail, Chesapeake Bay)
6 I really want to ride with the Major Taylor folks and I didn’t make it happen this year, it’s a goal for 2013.
7 not dying

1,1A,1B: done. (brush by PAT bus, no injury)
2 EPIC FAIL. 5500 miles in 2013, DOWN 20% from 2012
3 done
4 done
5 did all three
7 done


Geez, this sounds like a performance review. OK, let’s have at it.

1. Once a week all year, ride someplace purposeful.
* I might have missed a week here and there, but I did OK. I’m a couple dozen miles past 2,500, at this writing.

2. At least once a month, contact one elected official about bike safety, bike advocacy, street design, racks, whatever. (I sucked at this one this past year.)
* Thpppttt. I don’t know why this is so hard for me.

3. At least once a month, contact one business or building owner about improving bike infrastructure — racks, security, etc. (See #2 on my 2012 success measure.)
* See Item 2.

4. At least once a month, go on a group ride, or marshal one.
* Did OK on this one. I marshaled both keg rides, the 3-2-1 ride, the Dirty Dozen, rode in several Flock Rides, the Amtrak trial, and at least showed up to ride Icycle Bicycle.

5. At least once a month, get someone new seriously interested in transportation cycling.
* I don’t know how well this worked. I talked to a bunch of people, but don’t know if I got many out on a bike. Maybe a couple. I can do better, I know I can.

6. Rid my house of junk so I can set up an indoor work area to keep bikes fixed.
* I got rid of a bunch of junk frames, but still don’t have a decent work area.

7. Exceed my mileage from this year, roughly 1,600 miles so far.
* Yepper! See Item 1.

8. Replace dead bikes. Keep them all running.
* Meh. I could do better.

9. Equip all road bikes with tools and a patch kit so I don’t get stranded.
* Did OK here. The main ride is pretty well equipped.

10. At least monthly, do something social and bike related, other than just a group ride. It’s too easy for me to just ride & type (not at the same time, of course).
* I did a few. Kitaira’s birthday bash, a Bike-Pgh volunteer night, a few downtown lunches. Yapping with people on Facebook doesn’t really count, though it’s OK for keeping in touch.

I will come up with something for 2014 next week. I still think my 2012 list was a good starter list.


Rinse, repeat.
Who’s starting the ’14 one?
I only have one thing.


In 2013 I rode my bike quite a bit. I don’t know how many miles, how many times, or how much elevation was gained or lost. However, I had fun. I’ll probably do the same next year.


Andrew wrote:
1) climb 5280? of vertical in a day

2) dirty dozen (weather permitting)

3) ride the completed section of trail through sandcastle once it’s completed!

1) Yep. ~6,700′ of vert on the 67mi out and back ride from Ashville, NC to Mt. Mitchell

2)Nope. Skipped it this year

3) Yes, I do enjoy the new completed scetion of trail through Sandcastle…all the time!

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