Green Cannondale taken

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My beloved dark-green Cannondale R500 was taken from the racks outside of the Cathedral of Learning between 11 am and 2:30 pm today, 8 April 2008.

It had a cracked rear-view mirror mounted in its left handlebar, shimano shifters (the kind on the brake), and the blue Specialized helmet is missing as well. Its seat was black with a red underside, and it had a “Think globally, bike locally” sticker on it.

It was locked up through the frame, the front wheel, and the helmet with a Masterlock cable lock. I’ve filed a report with the police as well.

This picture is not of mine, but of the same make and colour and everything. Mine doesn’t have water bottle holders or pouches, though, and it has a kickstand.
A bike similar to mine

I would hugely appreciate any info or sightings on it. Thank you very much.

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