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thats the dumbest argument ever… “cars will burn more fuel idling in traffic if there are more bike lanes”, well you know what I would tell them, then join the crowd and get on a bike too, if you cant beat them join them…I cant believe they are giving in to this Mr. Anderson guy. The only way to alleviate traffic is to not ride in it, traffic is traffic whether or not there is one or two lanes for cars, this anderson fool is just feeding into the idea that american cities have to be more pro-car because of the sheer volume of cars outnumbering all other traffic, I dont buy this, maybe in the 50s this was the case when cars were a novelty but not anymore, cars just get in the way!! In my opinion cars should just be used on the interstate highway system as a mode of travel, take away the taxes on the toll roads where cars belong. and tax cars in the inner city to alleviate these traffic jams, and then there wont be any uproar over bike lanes everywhere!
everyone wants to always blame the bikers, as if we are the problem, give me a break……

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