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Tim Kirby

Hi Everyboidy,

Mt name is Tim Kirby. I joined Bike-Pgh about two years ago. Don’t know why it’s taken me so long to introduce myself. Anyways, I am a 64 year old electrical engineer. I have what some would consider to be a dream job; namely, developing controls and control software for electric vehicles.

I parked my Schwinn Roadmaster bike at age 18 when I got my drivers licence. ABout three years ago my brother, who mostly lives in California, invited me to go along on a bike ride with him. I borrowed my son’s mud encrusted mountain bike and off we went to North Park. That was all it took, I was hooked.

I bought a Giant “hybrid” bike two years ago and really like it. Maybe someday I will also buy a road bike.

My biking is mostly recreational. I live near Dorseyville and ride the roads in this area frequently. Whenever the weather is okay, I take a lunchtime ride in the Sewickley, Aleppo area where our office is located.

Recently, I have been biking to work once a week. I cheat a little and drive to the beginning of the bike trail in Sharpsburg. I really love the bike trails around Pittsburgh, also biking through the neighborhoods. Pittburgh is such a visually appealing place to ride compared to many other cities.

Besides biking, I enjoy skiing, gardening and spelunking.

Haven’t attended any Bike Pittsburgh functions yet, but do plan to participate in the Alternative Transportation Festival next weekend.

I love this website and visit daily.


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