I biked Homewood to McKeesport

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It really was pretty easy – especially the way there. I took a different way back. I biked from the waterfront to the trail from behind the storage company by the blue building. When the trail ran out, I crossed the tracks (thanks, Pratt) and found a sweet dirt road. There was an access road to the dirt road about 100 feet from the tracks. The dirt road ran under the rollercoasters at Kennywood, to an abandoned industrial site, under some aqua pipes and into a railroad storage area where ties and such are kept. From there it was a bit more confusing since the road was on a hillside above the tracks with no visible way to get down. I kept to the road that ran under 837 and then to the left on the fringe of a neighborhood to rt 837. This road is crazy, but there was a side walk, so I rode down that until I saw a place to cross and to another access road to another industrial site. The dirt road by this site (now near the tracks again)ended up at the bike trail. I rode this around a big hole (easy to get around) and all the way to a newly graded road leading to the Riverton Bridge. It’s clear that this is under active construction and you could technically get across it – though there are No Trespassing signs posted. It seems to me once the bridge is done, it will be a piece of cake (except for crossing 837 once and the tracks once) to get to the waterfront and beyond to the South Side. It seems pretty tricky to get from the bike trail to the McKeesport Bridge seeing as the on ramps to the bridge are all elevated for some distance. I couldn’t really see how to do it, but I didn’t explore all that much. I got pretty far on the Riverton Bridge before turning back. On the way back from this point, I didn’t take the dirt road, but stayed with the tracks. There was access here, but at one point I need to cross a set of tracks to get out from between active sets and the ride was really rough and uncomfortable. It was doable, though. Overall, I’m encourage with how easy it was and how much apparent activity there is on the Riverton Bridge. Hopefully, this will be done soon.

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