I79/279 commuter looking for info on parking/biking to Downtown

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For the past two years, my daily commute has consisted of driving my car down Route 28, parking at either Millvale Riverfront Park or the 13th St Marina in Sharpsburg, and then biking into downtown Pittsburgh. Both the park and marina have provided me a convenient access to a bike friendly route into town and a safe parking area for my vehicle during the day.

I recently moved and am now driving into the city via I79/I279. Basically, I am looking for a secure place to park my vehicle that provides a biker friendly route into Downtown.

Keep in mind that I want to keep the bike commute to 30 minutes or less one way.

All suggestions are appreciated!


@Rimerman: I’d suggest taking 279 as far as Bellevue, then follow Lincoln/California to a left on Antrim, right on McClure, bear right on Eckert. That’ll dump you off near the end of the Ohio River trail…there are several parking areas to choose from.

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