Idiot Cyclist in Squirrel Hill (me)

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To the guy I passed on Forbes in between Wightman and Murray,

I don’t know if you will read this but Here’s the details:

Me- Climbing Forbes from Oakland about to pass the golf course

You- Exiting the road from the right that leads to the golf course onto Forbes with a head of steam

Me- Still Climbing, “I’m gonna’ catch that guy” (old messenger reflex)

You- Passing the light at Wightman and pumping it up the hill towards Murray

Me- “Now’s my chance”

At this point I moved left to overtake you and just as I got almost paralell and prepared to shout “left” or some such warning a motorist jumped on his horn, visibly startling both you and I, and I passed you with no warning and very little wiggle room.

Sorry bro’. I didn’t mean to be a complete douchebag to a fellow cyclist. I guess we’re all idiot cyclists every once in a while, intentionally or not.

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