Jail Trail Junction walkway on 2nd Ave

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Today I was walking my bike on the sidewalk after leaving the Jail Trail, and heading towards the Panther Trail… why do some people still choose to ride their bike on this side-walk when the sign clearly says WALK BIKES on the sidewalk…while walking, a bike sped around the corner at a high speed and just missed me and then lost control of his bike for a second because of swerving around me and he hit the wall and luckily stayed on both feet…. i told him sorry that he got brushed up, but on second thought he still should not have been riding that fast on his bike. It is dangerous and narrow, not to mention heavily trafficked and routinely used by pedestrians and bikers….that corner that bends sharply is dangerous…I am going to stop using the sidewalk and just brave 2nd ave for the short distance and turn into south greenfield…also after this guy continued on…two older men also were riding behind me on the sidewalk instead of walking and their bright plan on how to defend against the hazardous sidewalk bend was to just use the bells on their bike to signal that they were coming…well thats great and all but hard to hear in traffic congestion, although better than the speeding bicyclist before them that sped haphazardly around me, but i would prefer that nobody road on that sidewalk..if those two men who were riding together taking up the entire sidewalk, were there a minute earlier the other reckless biker would surely have run right into the both of them and caused an ugly collision for sure….there are enough hazards out there for bikers on the roads…why make things more dangerous when we dont have too!! Please if a sidewalk says WALK BIKE, then obey that sign. Has anyone else observed this to be a problem when they use this sidewalk??

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