Kurt Searvogel breaks annual cycling record

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The record was set in 1939 by Tommy Godwin who rode for 75,065 miles in one year. Kurt Searvogel finally broke the record yesterday.


There was a radio story about Godwin & Searvogel. They point out that Godwin finished his record after World War 2 started. To comply with blackout laws, he taped his bike lights to limit them to a glow. And Godwin had to deal with food rationing. On the other hand, Searvogel had difficulties that Godwin did not: Searvogel’s effort was low-budget, while Godwin had strong sponsorship.

Read or listen: http://onlyagame.wbur.org/2016/01/09/hamr-year-record-godwin-searvogel

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