Lost Keys on N Side trail Tuesday 9.10.13

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Dear All –

Sadder but wiser….

Posting this on very long shot that any PGH N Side bikey folks find my keys. Fell out of pack somewhere between Millvale, downtown 7th and Penn and Woods Run on the N Shore bike trail Tuesday pm 9.10.13. Large bundle of keys -including car remote door clicker, bike lock key, parking fob and various membership scan cards – Giant Eagle, library card, AAA. Nothing very distinguished besides that about them. besides the sheer heft of the keys.

If found please respond to this post- I’ll find a way to hook up with you. Have replaced all but the car clicker (bummer – big $ and on a 13 yr old car not worth the $ to replace)… so not desparate, just annoyed at my stupidity at this point. Thanks for looking!


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