New Paint! Liberty Ave between 40th St and Taylor in Bloomfield

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+ whole lane sharrows from Taylor to Ella (these seem to be a a bit wider than existing ones on Penn in the strip, Friendship Ave, & elsewhere. Feels much more clear to drivers that we have the entire lane, maybe it’s placement). They may go up to Pearl inbound, but didn’t check.

+ solid bike lane in right lane from Ella to Main St split at ShurSave lot, dashed through the split, resumes at the triangle before the bridge. Has bike lane markers. Solid lane continues to Christian Way after the Main St intersection, a block before 40th.

+ from Christian to 40th, both the inbound and right turning lanes have whole lane sharrows, 2 in each lane on the block.


+ from 40th to Christian solid lane (in front of the gas station). Follows a natural path & connects to existing lane.

+ at the bridge on ramp split, they ground out the half bike lane & sharrows in the right lane & made it full sharrows. If they painted it green, it would be an actual bus / bike box.

+ from bridge off ramp to Ella (past BBT & Del’s) there are 6 sharrows and a solid stripe separating the 2 outbound lanes beginning at Del’s parking lot. It’s pretty clear who belongs where.

+ continuing lane sharrows between Ella and Taylor, centered in the lane out of the door zone

Overall it’s a huge improvement for the few blocks it covers. There’s really no ambiguity about how many lanes there are, particularly inbound between the bridge and 40th. Green-boxing the right lanes next to the inbound & outbound triangles at the bridge and in front of Del’s would be the next step :)


I can’t wait to check this out. Now i may be more willing to take liberty home from work.


The addition to the lane in front of the gas station is a big win. Certainly makes it much clearer to cars that are going straight that they need to return to their lane, whereas previously they would hang out in front of the bike lane while waiting for the light at the bridge.

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