Oh no she didn’t

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While this is a very sad editorial, it points out EXACTLY why Bike Pittsburgh needs to be here for cyclists. The editorial was enraging and misinformed. I’m glad that so many people are fired up about this… In addition to all of the Letters to the Editor and DPW that people are writing, I think it would be a good idea for Bike Pittsburgh to reach out to Foreman Hall and understand exactly why she feels this way. At some point she must have felt as though she had been wronged by a cyclist. A similar situation arose several years ago when then Council President Ricardi (sp?) opposed the installation of our Three Rivers bike racks. We worked with him to understand his issues, and he ended up getting his support to have them installed.

So… keep those LTE coming to the P-G and DPW, and let’s see what we can do to get Foreman Hall a bit more educated. Alienating DPW will ultimately have a negative impact on cyclists around here.

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