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Very nice. I sent off my own response as well. If it doesn’t get published, I’ll put it up here. But I prefer the shock and awe of seeing it for the first time in print. :)

Editor –

Melanie Hall’s wish for a law that bans people from bicycling in inclement weather (“About snow removal”, Feb. 20) is a fine study in satire. Such absurd statements only exist to serve as fodder for future letter-writers, and should not be taken as the serious thoughts of a fair-minded individual.

But, being fair-minded myself, I will improve on Ms. Hall’s idea and propose that automobiles, not bikes, be pulled from the streets as soon as snow falls. When winter weather and rush hour coincide, the traffic report is awash with reports of cars running off roadways and into trees, utility poles, pedestrians, buses, and other cars. The resultant damage and delays are costly and inconvenient to all involved.

One never hears of a major six-bike pileup on one of the Parkways, nor does one hear of bicyclists complaining about their slow crawl to work because of poor road conditions. And if I, a dedicated wintertime pedestrian traveler, were on the receiving end of a runaway vehicle, a 20 pound bike and its trim rider is a much more welcoming sight than a two-ton car.

My only hope is that the City takes my suggestion as seriously as that of its employee, Ms. Hall.

Jake Krohn

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