on-street bike parking in pgh

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alright, i’m reposting this here because i’m not sure if it will be as well read in the other forum… hopefully no one gets annoyed!

the owners of dozen bakeshop in lawrenceville are trying to get on-street bike parking at the store. thursday, july 10th they are asking people to come in and sign a petition. i’m not sure why the one day specifically, but if you can’t make it i’ll be there on friday evening to take your signature.

here is what the petition reads (i’m typing the whole thing so ignore mistakes):

Dozen Bakeshop in Lawrenceville is seeking support to be the first business to install on-street bike parking in Pgh. An innovative idea that has already happened in NYC, on-street bike parking usually means the sidewalk is extended out the length of a typical parking spot. Bike racks are then installed and allowed to park in what otherwise was a spot dedicated to a vehicle. We are currently seeking support from the community to show the city of Pgh that this community is progressive, forward thinking, and environmentally conscious.
We believe that this project will help change the way we think of transportation in the city of Pgh and legitimate the use of bicycles and those who depend on them for real movement throughout the city of Pgh. In addition, we do not believe the loss of the single parking space will affect the parking needs of this area.

-encourages more biking. taking a few more cars of the street.
-sets a precedent for biking as a genuine form of transportation.
-takes bikes off the sidewalks, street signs, and trees and gives them a dedicated parking area.
-reduces pollution.
-encourages physical activity and wellness.
-supports the project of lower butler in becoming the next boutique and entertainment district in the revitalization of our city.

We ask that the city of Pgh and the involved offices investigate this project.

so it would be awesome if anyone would be available to come add a signature. and i’ll be bringing cupcakes to bike polo tomorrow so be there!

take it easy.

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