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If you have ever read “a walk in the woods” by bill bryson he describes the trail as “a green tunnel.”

In thinking of it that way, he missed a lot of things that were just beyond that wall. I’ve ridden PGH-DC six times with plenty of other shorter rides and have not been really bored. Starting with the Companion book is a good start because it tells you plenty of things to be on the look out for. But really, you need to keep your eyes open and wonder.

For example, have you noticed the posts on the side of the trail between Rockwood and Garrett? They are marking geology highlights for a course developed for the local school district. The post marked F-GR5 (mile 40.7) is the Wymps Gap Fossil Quarry. Dig around in the hillside and you’ll easily find 330 million year old shells. Lots of shells. Coral is trickier to find. There should be trilobites but I haven’t found any yet.

Off the trail near mile 59 there is a Revolutionary War era cemetery hidden in the woods.

At the overlook at the pipeline crossing above Johnson Run (mile 78.3) there are some rocks by the side of the trail. One of them has a 300 million year old scale tree fossil.

A mile up the hill from the Layton parking area (Mile 101.5) is a grist mill built by George Washington back in 1774 when he owned 1600 acres around here.

There is a bench between mile 91 and the water treatment plant. Follow the trail there down to the river and you will find the Overholt Distillery Swinging bridge.

And those are just a few of the things that I can think of off the top of my head.

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