Pittsburgh-Roubaix: come race/come help!

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Hey dudettes and dudes,

I’m announcing it here first:


Pittsburgh-Roubaix: A Sunday In Heck

It’s like a road race… only you have to dodge cars and you’ve got no
support. It’s like an alleycat… except longer, steeper and without any
stopping. Either way, it’s got cobbles in the middle and a velodrome at the

Helmets, water bottles & brakes recommended. Gears at your discretion.

Route to be posted prior to race. Watch this space, or email for more info.

Prizes for overall, fixie & women’s.

$100 for first overall! Come ready!

When: Sunday July 1st, registration opens at noon, race starts at 1
Start: TBA
Ends: Washington Boulevard Oval
Cost: $5
Prizes: Cash & others… $100 for first overall!

More information: dave-at-pghalleycat.com


(Yes, I’m serious about the $100 for first overall. Show up so I’m not out $100!)

I’ll also need help with:

1. Route planning. I’ve got some ides for climbs & cobbles but I could use more. Helping plan does NOT give you an advantage since the route will be posted ahead of time.

2. Checkpoints. Riders aren’t supposed to stop, but I need people for some spots to make sure people make it up the cobbles. And to take pictures.

3. Refreshments. It’d be nice to have some carbs & proteins at the finish. If anyone can help make donate/make a mess of food it’d be awesome

4. Schwag. There’s obviously cash prizes. And I’ve emailed/talked to a few people about prizes. But if anyone feels like donating, or knows somebody who does, that’d be great.

Please forward to anyone/everyone.


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