Port Authority ConnectCard is now available (free) without a pass

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sounds like you need to call if you are replacing an already registered connect card with another one–

Online: Click here to go to the ConnectCard Management System.

Choose one of the following links:
” Create Online Account” – allows new customers to set up an account. If you registered your ConnectCard for balance protection earlier with Customer Service, but did not set up a web account at that time, DO NOT use the “Create Online Account” button. Please call Customer Service at 412-442-2000 for assistance.




Also, re: the connect card, will it give everyone a free 15 min ride, or only those that use a bus beforehand?  Or is the system not smart enough to figure this out?  Because it looks like you can buy a new connectcard for $1, not put any balance on it, and then ride the bikes 15 min at a time to get around downtown.  Maybe a cheap way for someone who is downtown to get from place to place for a meeting.

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