Public Steps and runnels.

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Here is a list of staircases that could use runnels.

  • Gallatin St., Morningside.
  • Jancey St., Morningside
  • Greenwood St., Morningside
  • 54th St., Lawrenceville
  • Woodbine St., Stanton Heights
  • Winebiddle St., Garfield
  • Highland Ave Bridge./Ellsworth Ave., Shadyside
  • Graham St. Bridge, Shadyside

Once I think of more, I will post them.

  • 62nd St. Bridge, Sharpsburg
  • Glenwood Bridge, Hayes
  • Harding Way., Polish Hill
  • Finland St. over Bigelow Blvd., Polish Hill
  • Orion St., Hill District
  • Denver St., Oakland
  • Dithridge St., Oakland
  • Diulius Way., Oakland
  • Louisa St. Oakland
  • Rialto St., Troy Hill
  • Bloomfield Bridge over Bigelow Blvd., Polish Hill


I can think of one where a runnel might prove difficult. In West View, going up from the corner of West View Park Drive at Perry Highway. The steps have a dogleg turn halfway up. I’m not sure how well a runnel would work in that situation.

Any others like that? Is there any good design that accommodates that?


The Gallatin St. steps has many landings with switchbacks. It the following video, I carry my bike down the Gallatin St. steps.

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