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A new mapping tool to try out. I honestly haven’t gotten a chance to dig into it yet, they asked us to post to our people.

They still need to update some info, and are looking for people to help edit or give comment via email

Here’s a video that explains how if you want to be an editor:

Check it aht!


This is what I sent them on their feedback form:

First impressions:

I asked for a route from Forbes and Murray in Squirrel Hill to downtown Pittsburgh. It took me down Forbes to Murdock and then to Bartlett. Taking Wightman to Bartlett or Beacon would have avoided the climb on Forbes and the Belgian block on Murdock.

After the Greenfield bridge, it said to go two blocks on Alger. The first block is OK, the second is one-way the opposite direction. I usually take Alger to Winterburn to Greenfield, as Google’s bike routing suggests.

Then it routes via the Jail Trail. Problem: The green line shown for all bike trails covers the purple line used for the suggested route.

Once downtown, I had it head for the bike parking facility on Seventh Street past Penn. Google’s bike routing says to take Smithfield to Sixth Ave to Seventh Street, which seems reasonable. Yours suggests a more complicated and longer route: Smithfield to Forbes to Wood to Fifth Avenue to Sixth Street to Penn to Seventh Street.

That was with the default Safer Route. When I told it I wanted the most direct route, ignoring safety, it sent me via Wilkins and Morewood to Neville Street beneath the Bloomfield Bridge, and eventually down Penn, a 5.9 mile route. Simply taking Forbes and Fifth would have been 5.3.

It displays its maps much more slowly than Google.

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