Road-Rage Escalation

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I was in an incident last week while going across the hot metal bridge. As usual, a dusty old ford pick up had a huge problem with me being on the road (you might easily be able picture this). He honked, yelled, and flicked me off, nothing new. We both stopped at the same red light. He continued to yell as I apologized for the 25 seconds he was inconvenienced by sharing the bridge with me. Some cussing ensued, he spit on me and drove off. I caught him at the next light and squirted him down with my bottle. He got out of his truck and was about to swing…I had both my lock and mace on me, but I wasn’t sure if turning to these devices was the best way to reconcile our evils…

So, what does everyone think about incidents of road rage between bicyclists and auto-ists, and how they escalate? What I mean is, let’s say (when, not if) someone 1) honks, 2) spits, or 3) runs you off the road. In return, you’re angry, but do you: 1) use middle finger, 2) squirt your water bottle back/spit back, or 3) pull out your Ulock?

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